Open Issues by Xray Test Type in Time

we would like to create a report showing a table showing number of Open Issues in each month divided by Xray Test Type.
However if we choose the Open issues measure and Time + Xray Test Type dimension we get an empty result (it works for Xray Tests created measure however). Is there a way to define a measure that would act similiarly as Open issues for Xray tests? We have created and resolution dates on tests the same way as on a standard issues.

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Might not be optimal, but we’ve solved it for now by creating a new additioinal custom field in advanced settings that parse it through javascript:

name = "Apeman Xray Test Type"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
check_calculated_value = true
javascript_code = '''
    if (issue.fields.customfield_28722 != null) {
      issue.fields.customfield_ApemanXrayTestType = issue.fields.customfield_28722.value;
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