Open issues for a suset of components

I imported a Jira project and would like to visualize Open Issues stats for a subset of components of my Jira project.
I defined my subset of components as defined member where I aggregate the components.
Some of the issues are including multiple components, due to this the number of Open Issues is greater than the real one, because if an issue has 3 components connected to it , it will be counted as 3. Instead I would like to have it counted 1.
How can I workaround this?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @Manuel_Campana ,

Aggregates in multi-value fields tend to do that. The workaround is using distinct count measures. In the case of “Open issues”, which is a predefined calculated measure, it is based on the number of issues created and resolved. Create a new calculated measure which formula originates from “Open issues” and replace the measures “Issues created”, “Issues resolved”, and “Issues due” with the distinct count measures “Issues created count”, etc. See the formula below:

CASE WHEN [Issue].CurrentMember.Level.Name <> 'Issue' THEN
      Cache([Measures].[Issues created count]
          - [Measures].[Issues resolved count])
    + [Measures].[Issues created count]
    - [Measures].[Issues resolved count]
WHEN [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember IS [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember
THEN NonZero([Measures].[Issues due count])
  -- optimized formula for drill through Issue
        [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Created at'),
        [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
      NOT DateBeforePeriodEnd(
        [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Resolved at'),
      [Measures].[Issues created count]),

See the differences between the original and the distinct measure when evaluated over an aggregated calculated member in the picture below:

Please look at the eazyBI documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures -​

Roberts //