Open issues with all resolutions

Hi all,

Can you please help with creating a calculated measure:
displaying the count of Issues with following status “open, in progress, assigned and need info” status and all resolutions like “fixed, done, cannot reproduce, unresolved etc.”

Thank you!


If you want to group multiple statuses to display them together, you might create a calculated member within the dimension.
The MDX expression for a calculated member ‘Incomplete status’ within the Status dimension might be like this.

 [Status].[In Progress],
 [Status].[Need info]})

Please read more about creating calculated members here - Calculated members in other dimensions.

Once you have grouped the statuses, you might use that calculated member to create a tuple with the measure.
If you have already applied some filters to the Resolution dimension, but want to display Issues in status regardless of the report context, you might override the page selection by adding the [Resolution].DefaultMember to the tuple.

The calculated measure counting number of created issues within certain statuses and regardless of their resolution might look like this.

([Status].[Incomplete status],
 [Measures].[Issues created])

Oskars /