Optimal way to get the Original Sprint Committed

I am trying to optimize the performance of this measure to get the total of the original commitment delivered in the sprint. I am using a custom measure for the filter criteria.

[Measures].[Sprint Complete Committed Check]
[Measures].[Sprint issues committed]+[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing]+[Measures].[Sprint issues completed]

[Measures].[Committed Items Complete]

  -- set of issues committed AND completed in a sprint
    -- filter conditions for issues
   -- [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]>0 AND [Measures].[Sprint issues completed]>0 AND [Measures].[Sprint issues at closing]>0
    [Measures].[Sprint Complete Committed Check]>=3
  -- sum up Commited complete issues. 
  ([Measures].[Sprint issues completed],

Hi @Scrummando,

Thanks for posting your question!

The solution might be easier than expected :slight_smile:
Would you consider using [Measures].[Sprint issues completed of committed] ?

You can learn more about Sprint Scope Measures here - Jira Software custom fields

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

Which Version of Eazybi is this available we are still in the V6 range Datacenter

Hi @Scrummando

The measure is available starting 6.5.0 (you see all the new feature list here - Changelog - eazyBI for Jira and the previous changes here Previous changes in eazyBI for Jira

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Elita from support@eazybi.com