Option to define custom color schemes

Building reports that are in line with the corporate identity, aka using the company colors in a graph, is currently quite a tedious exercise. Custom colors have to be entered manually and can’t be reused.

Would it be possible to define a custom color scheme to EazyBI reporting so that colors can be picked easier? This helps with the identification and adoption of reports within an organisation.


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For the JIRA add-on, it is possible already. Please create JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/layouts and JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/javascripts folders as described here: https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/User+interface+customization .
Create a file JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/layouts/_custom_head.html.haml and add link to the custom javascript file colors.js:

= custom_javascript_include 'colors'

Then create new file JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/javascripts/colors.js. Put this scrips inside new file:

Eazy.Colors.mainColors =  ['#4572A7', '#AA4643', '#89A54E', '#80699B', '#3D96AE', '#DB843D', '#92A8CD', '#A47D7C', '#B5CA92','#DA8D98', '#81CEE4', '#DBC63D'];
Highcharts.setOptions({colors: Eazy.Colors.chartColors(36)});

Please replace color codes with your own and you will get your own customized color palette inside your eazyBI