Order according to a special topic

Hi eazyBI Team,

I would like to order the Issue Column which contains the issue summary. Each issue starts wich [CONC ]". Afterwards a milestone is visible, like MS3b, CfR MS2, …

Each “[CONC ]” has its own milestone. I would like to sort as follows:

"[CONC 670] [MS0] "
"[CONC 670] [DMS0] "
"[CONC 670] [MS1] "
"[CONC 670] [DMS1] "
"[CONC 670] [CfR MS2] "
"[CONC 670] [MS2] "
"[CONC 670] [DMS2] "
"[CONC 670] [CfR MS3a] "
"[CONC 670] [MS3a] "
"[CONC 670] [DMS3a] "
"[CONC 670] [MS3b] "
"[CONC 670] [DMS3b] "
"[CONC 670] [MS4] "
"[CONC 683] [MS0] "
"[CONC 683] [DMS0] "
"[CONC 683] [MS1] "
"[CONC 683] [DMS1] "
"[CONC 683] [CfR MS2] "
"[CONC 683] [MS2] "
"[CONC 683] [DMS2] "
"[CONC 683] [CfR MS3a] "
"[CONC 683] [MS3a] "
"[CONC 683] [DMS3a] "
"[CONC 683] [MS3b] "
"[CONC 683] [DMS3b] "
"[CONC 683] [MS4] "

I tried to define new calculated member. But without success and I would like to avoid that I have to select over 500 issues to add the issues to a bookmark. Is my wish possible or do you have an idea?

Best regards, Christine

Hi @Christine ,
It sounds that your issue summary are with some hidden business logic in them. In that case, then the best solution would be to create JavaScript custom field for it. See the documenation for some examples.
Also, you can checks this presentation from my colleague to learn more: MDX vs JavaScript: Behind Complex Filters

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Hi @gerda.grantina ,
I found a solution. I created three new measures with the needed content and put these two meassures into one measure by using “[Measures].[1]||" "||[Measures].[2]”. Afterwards I can order the new column and have my result.
Thanks for sour support.
Best regards, Christine