Order by Sprint in work type analysis

Hi everyone!

I have a Bar chart with several Work type rows so I can see how they evolved in our Sprints:

The problem here is that the Sprints do not appear in order so it’s hard to perform a quick visual analysis.

I’ve tried to add the [Start Sprint Date] as a row and order by it:
Screenshot from 2020-05-27 01-42-59

But then, this way I lose the Work type grouping.

Any idea how to work around this?


Hi @Miguel_Silva,

Your approach adding Sprint start date and ordering Sprints by it is correct. To complete the report, you might want to remove the column “Sprint start date”; the ordering will remain.

You may also move Work Type to columns and represent spent hours for each sprint as stacked columns (see picture below).

Zane / support@eazyBI.com