Organization chart from Excel

Hi all
I have a excel file that contain fallowing columns (in order from excel)

  1. Division
  2. Subdivision
  3. Team
  4. Location
  5. Name
  6. Employment Start Date
  7. Position (internal)
  8. Headcount

What I wanted to do is to extend the Logged By dimension with additional information. The idea was that “Name” from excel is equal to user in Logged By dimension. So based on Division, Subdivision, Team, I wanted to build levels of hierarchy that would look like this:

  1. Division ← from excel
  2. Subdivision ← from excel
  3. Team ← from excel
  4. User ← from Jira mapped based on Name field from excel

All other fields would be properties for user and Headcount column would be a measure


The good news is that you can import additional data to user dimensions (such as “Logged by”) to create custom hierarchies in the dimension.
But the not good news for your use-case there can be just one level above user.
See useful presentation recording here:

Perhaps you can create 4 different hierarchies to analyze users by different hierarchies.

Martins / eazyBI