Original estimate and estimation changes during a specific period


I got an interesting question and so far I think it is not feasible, but worth a try. If anyone has similar solution do not hesitate to share :slight_smile:

Goal of the report is to see the added time estimation and/or modified time estimations after quarterly planning is approved.
Epics have work quarter fields, below epics tasks have estimated hours. Before every Q a workload planning takes place where issues are selected to work on. However, during the Q periods plus tasks can be added with extra time estimations or tasks in the Q period can be changed (e.g. due to wrong time estimation).
We want to see the estimated hours, which tasks were added (with showing the estimated time) during the quarter to the specific epics, also, which tasks (estimated hours) were modified.

Report should show 2 bars: estimated hours (originally approved) and added/modified hours (during the actual Q, e.g. from 1 Jan until 31 March, and so on). Note, modified hours can be less of course.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Alexandra,
You can try using “Remaining estimated hours history” which would show you how the Remaining time changes for the issue. This measure changes if any hours are logged or by manually changing the remaining estimate.
The report displays the data like this for one issue:


Gerda // support@eazyBI.com