Original Estimate Vs Time to Market


I am trying to create a breakdown view of my Time to Market report. Currently it is showing the average time over a broad range of sized asks.

What I would like to do is use the Original Estimate and create ranges so that I can compare the Time to Market of work that was Originally sized between 1-10 days or 11-30 days etc.

Has anyone created a report like this that they could help point me in the right direction. At the moment I might not have the dimensions available to create this so maybe it is the configuration I am working with.

eazyBI by default imports Original estimated hours as a measure. You would like to have it as an interval dimension.

You can import Original estimated hours as an interval dimension.

Here are two community posts on how to use JavaScript custom field for Original estimated hours import.
This one is for dimension. You can use it as an example and add some parameters in the field definition to define the same field as an interval dimension:

Here is another approach for Original estimated hours import as a measure related to any date and as a property as well:

As you can see from both examples, you can use one JavaScript code and define a field using different parameters. Here I added all of them:

name = "Original estimated hours"
data_type = "decimal"
dimension = true
measure = true
javascript_code = '''
if (issue.fields.timeoriginalestimate) {
  timeoriginalestimate = issue.fields.timeoriginalestimate / 3600.0;
  issue.fields.customfield_oe = timeoriginalestimate;
intervals = "800,2400"

Please note, you would like to add intervals as the last parameter below javaScript code. I set intervals:

  • ten days (800 based on estimates 8 hours per day)
  • 30 days ( 2400 based on estimates 8 hours per day).

The JavaScript for Original estimated hours is calculated in hours. I left it like this for more general usage of this field in eazyBI. You can use a division by 8 directly in the JavaScript formula to get values in days based on estimation 8 hours per day if there is no any other usage than this. If you change the data in JavaScript, please update intervals accordingly. You can remove parameters to import Original estimated hours as a measure for this as well leaving only options you will use in eazyBI.

Daina / support@eazybi.com