Original Estimated Hours by Issue Type

I am trying to create a report that one of the columns using calculated shows me filtering by type of issues (bug and sub-task) the original estimated hours

How do I add another subtask?


Hi @Pablo_Renzo,

If you would like to sum up Bug estimated hours and Sub-task estimate hours in a calculated measure, then you might want to add up two tuples like this:

([Measures].[Original estimated hours],
[Issue Type].[Bug] ) 
([Measures].[Original estimated hours],
[Issue Type].[Sub-task] )

An alternative option is to use function Sum() and list issue types of interest and, for them, sum up the original estimated hours:

  --set of issue types for calculation
  {[Issue Type].[Bug],[Issue Type].[Sub-task]},
  --for each listed issue type get estimated hours
  [Measures].[Original estimated hours]

More details on calculated measures and mentioned functions are here: Calculated measures.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com