Original estimated hours vs hours spents

Hi, I´m trying to create a simple report that will display the staff name, estimated hours and hours spent within a month.

I created two fields:

Original Estimated Hours With Sub-tasks2 (
[Measures] [Original estimated hours with sub-tasks]


Hours Spent with Substask2(
[Measures]. [Hours spent with sub-tasks],
[Logged by] .CurrentMember

and included the field ‘logged in by’


But it does not work appropriately, it generates a consolidated of estimated hours. I would like to make this report without including the tickets, that I saw this approach in another post.

I know it’s two different dimensions, how would I do to determine each staff’s estimated hours?


Hi @Roberto_Zambrano,
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You can create a report by using Assignee dimension in the rows, with this you will get original estimates per assignee.
After that you can find the same user as Assignee from the Logged by dimension with GetMemberByKey() function and display their Hours spent with the following formula:

   [Measures].[Hours spent],
   [Logged by].[User].GetMemberByKey(

The report would look like this:


Gerda // support@eazybi.com