Need to use Assignee and Logged by in the same report


I have this report


The report is set to use Assignee as page.
Original Estimated Hours History and Remaining Estimated Hours History will use the assignee
but I need to see in the cumulative hours spent and hours spent the hours that has been logged by the same selected assignee. Actually the report display the hours spent for what is assigned to the selected assignee, but some work are logged by different person.

Is there a way to Filter the hours spent where the logged by = assignee ?

Thank you

Hi @Vero,

You can try to create a new calculated measure that will look for the number of hours spent where the currently selected assignee is also the one who logged the hours. Please have a look at the linked eazyBI community posts below:

And also, a report from the eazyBI Demo account -

The eazyBI documentation has more details on creating calculated measures -

Roberts //