Original & Remaining Estimate spread through timelime


2 questions please.

1/ Is it possible to spread the Original Estimate and the Remaining Estimate through the timeline by dividing it into each day or week, as it is the case for the Time spent?
TheThe timeline would equal the duration of the existing future sprints

2/ How is it possible to align and display the sprints within the correct timeframe (every 2 weeks defined by sprint start and sprint end dates)?

Hi @MikeS

  1. what do you mean by “existing future sprints” exactly?
    Would that be all sprints that haven’t started yet and have start and end date?
    What formula do you currently use for the calculated “Time” dimension member “Selected date range”?

  2. Please check this demo report with the toolbar filter (created from a measure):


Martins / eazyBI