Original Sprint Estimate value retained after start of sprint

Hello everyone,
So I’m trying to create a report that will retain the original sprint estimates after the sprint has started, but I also want to capture issues w/ estimates that have been added and removed from sprint. So far everything I have tried changes the original estimate, and I’m not sure how to capture this data.

Sprint has 78 hours assigned to it prior to start.
Start Sprint
Added 8 hours to sprint because of unexpected work
Removed 12 hours from sprint because of roadblock
Stop sprint = 74 hours is what is showing as original estimate
I would like to show the original est, added, removed, ending est.


Hi @Keithschug,

In eazyBI “Original estimated hours” are counted only against the issue’s current sprint - currently assigned active sprint or sprint in which the issue was resolved. More details on sprints in the documentation: Jira Software custom fields.

One option is to use measures of Remaining estimated hours history to see estimated hours changes against Sprint. You can also build calculated measures to see the committed, added, and removed hours.
Please see the report example in the Demo account:
Sprint Time Tracking (Remaining Estimate) balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Zane / support@eazyBI.com