Page-level filter and Epic hierarchy

Hi Team, here is my report design:


Circled in Red at the top right is my Fix Version filter. When I select a Fix Version the data in my table displays:

  1. Epics that have the specific Fix Version assigned
  2. Epics that don’t have that specific Fix Version assigned, but some of the stories/issues under them have

I thought that since I selected Epic level hierarchy for the row data, I would see only Epic-level issues in my report and that the filter will also apply only to Epic-level issues. My need is that I want to see only Epics that have the specific Fix Version attached to them.

Could you help me, please? I hope I have explained the issue clearly enough.

Many thanks and best regards,

Hi Shyam,

You may want to apply one of the following approaches depending on the overall report structure:

  1. Use Issue dimension default hierarchy instead of Epic
    Then the report would contain only epics in the rows, and the filters would be applied on the epics only.
    As you already have a filter “Issue Type” = Epic, the current report contains values from epics only - the results, using default hierarchy, won’t be different.

  2. You can continue using Issue dimension Epic hierarch.
    Then you may want to import issue link field dimension (the dimension containing Epic Fix version) and filter by the epic fix version (lower level issue fix versions won’t be taken into account then): please follow the documentation.


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