Pages time selection in Calculated member formula

Hello, we are trying to create some generic dashboards to be used over multiple projects, all with aligned time frames (sprints).

While implementing cumulative issues created/completed I’ve got to a point where I’m not able to use the selected time interval defined in Pages (Time section). For the member formula I use:

{Childrenset([Time].[March Sprint 1]).Item(0):[Time].CurrentMember},
[Measures].[Issues created]

But instead of [March Sprint 1] I would like to take the value from the common page setting (which will be the same, Time calculated member.

Or is there any other way of generating a Childrenset based on a time interval?

Thank you very much

Hi Cristian,

Perhaps, you can try using the “Time” dimension both in rows and pages and then explore standard calculations for the measure “Issues created”.

Martins / eazyBI support

Best regards,