Percent of Sprint Issues Committed Completed

Hi, I’m trying to calculate the percentage completion of committed issues in a Sprint.

To do this, I’ve so far created a new calculated measure:
[Measures].[Sprint issues completed of committed] / [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]

Using Project as Pages and Sprint as Rows

In the bar chart format, I seem to get the right (almost) result, with a series of bars, one for each sprint, going up a scale of 0 , 0.1, 0.2…1, however on the table view the above measure’s value is displaying as ‘1’. If I hover over the data points on the bar chart view, it is also 1 (despite the bar chart showing differently).

What am I missing here?

Hi @jseal123,

The calculation to see the completed committed rate is correct.

Make sure to set measure formatting to Percentage to show those small values correctly as percentages (Calculated measures and members).

Zane /