Percentage based on duration

Hi all
is there anyone know how to calculate progress percentage project based on duration project? thanks

Hi @Rahmatdinur,

There are many ways how to calculate the project progress. You might want to start with the Demo account where are several examples of how to calculate the progress.

  1. Please see the dashboard “Project Overview” where are several approaches that you can use as a starting point:

  2. If the project has a start and end dates, then you may use a Gantt chart for representing the progress.

Zane /

Hi zane
Thank you for your eazybi sample, but those samples didn’t answer my problem. Let say I have project ABC then i create one epic with duration epic 1 Jan 2020 -30 January 2020 it means duration is 30 days. I want to know the progress based on duration when my position by today is 5 January 2020 with regardless of the issue created but just from duration. Thanks