Percentage Completed per EPIC

Can someone help me with calculation of Story Point percentage completed. I have EPIC say it is 100 Story points . And its planned to be completed in 4 Sprints.

Would like to create a report to show case how much %age is complete per Sprint based in Story point closed.

if in Sprint 1 team close 20 Story points. Would like to show 20% of work is completed. Other is planned to in next 3 Sprints.

Story point of stories with (Status = Closed)
Total Story points in the EPIC.

Hi @vikas_divya,
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We have in our demo account report that track resolution progress of a particular epic over Sprints: how many Story Points of the epic issues were resolved during each sprint and Remaining Story points.
You can check it here Story points burn-down by sprints for epic -

You can easily export/report definition and import it into your account to see this report with your data.

Gerda //