Percentage of defects fixed

How to calculate percentage of defects fixed as compared to last week for a release.

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When operating with Time dimension members you can always use the function PrevMember to retrieve the previous member of the same level (month, day, week): Calculated members in Time dimension - eazyBI.
Used this Time member in a tuple together with measure “Issues resolved”, it would give resolved issues in the previous week:

([Measures].[Issues resolved],

Create measure in Measures with the percentage calculation, where you would use issues resolved from the previous week divide by the same measure in the selected time period.
The final calculation with added conditions to process cases when values are empty or zero would be the following:

[Measures].[Issues resolved]>0
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Time.Weekly].CurrentHierarchyMember.PrevMember), 0)
[Measures].[Issues resolved]

Set result formatting as a decimal or integer percentage!

See how it would look in the report:

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