Percentage Story Points Completed

Hi Team, We have let us say as an example we have issue tyles Epics features and stories. Epics have the total count of story points of 25. Under epics we have features and let us say 10 Story points are assigned to features and remaining 15 to story. I wanted to know in eazybi out of 25 story points how much percentage is done in features and how much percentage is done for stories. Will this be possible via eazybi.

Hello @Gobburu_Aravind_Kous,

Thanks for posting your question!

Based on what you describe, I suggest you to build the following report:

  1. Add Issues dimension in the Rows, and choose the hierarchy you would like to use. In my example below, I am looking at an Epic hierarchy that has a Story and a Task under it.
  2. Create new calculated measure using the formula below, this will calculate the % of the Story points created.

You can find the instructions on how to do it here: Calculated measures and members

[Measures].[Story Points created]
([Measures].[Story Points created],
[Issue Type].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)

Remember to change the Formatting to “Percentage” (integer or decimal as needed):

  1. Choose “Issue type”, “Story Points created” and “Story Points created %” under Measures
  2. Click on the header of “Story Points created %” and choose “Drill into” → Issue type → Issue Type

I hope this helps!

Marita from