Percentages (Rows & Columns)

Hello All,

I am fairly new to EazyBI and I would like to ask how to calculate percentage of total rows and columns in a table. The default % calculation feature returns the % of the row as opposed to the total. Any guidance is appreciated.


Hi Sam,

The default calculation applied for the report columns (and shows up in the rows) takes the ratio of the value to all the visible rows:

A similar calculation can be implemented with a custom formula, with more flexibility, but that depends on the outlook of the report. For instance, if I have the following report and wish to see the percentages by priorities, the following formula would do that:

[Measures].[Issues created]/
([Measures].[Issues created],

Similarly, we can have the 100% at the total of rows with alternative formula:

[Measures].[Issues created]/
([Measures].[Issues created],

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks Janis! This has been really helpful!