Perfomance issues


I created report that cumulates statistic for user groups.

It works well when there are 2 ore 3 users in group.

But when there are 5 and more users in group it gets permantntly stuck.

I’m getting errorr “There was error when performing your request.
Please retry or go to other page.”.

Is there a way to crete reports with my parameters?

I found error in eazybi-child.log

increased timout by adding

queryTimeout = 1200

to eazyBI config

now I’m not see any errors in eazybi-child.log , but stil getting 504 error when creating report on large data

We suggest increasing query timeout only for a fraction. While technically, eazyBI will work with long timeouts, you can faster get into problems with report performance and get errors with memory limitations.

I would suggest decreasing your current query timeout and setting only a lightly increased query timeout, for example,

queryTimeout = 120

Work on failing reports. You can use usage statistics to monitor the most problematic and actively used reports. In addition, you can check the best practices on report creation. There is training on slow reports as well.

Here are some suggestions you can check
It seems you have a report using calculated members in the user dimension. If you have several groups and each group has several users, it might lead to performance issues for more complex reports.

You can consider a couple of options if you are working with any of the default user dimensions Assignee, Logged by, Reporter, Transition Author.

Please check if you can import and use user group dimensions, like Assignee group, Logged by group, etc., in the report instead of calculated members. Although we do not import groups by default, you would like to enable group import for your eazyBI account explicitly.

If you do not use Jira groups but another grouping mechanism, consider building custom hierarchies. Import property for each user to what “group” it should belong and then use this property and build a hierarchy. eazyBI will group those users automatically by user value, and it will work faster for reports. Here is one community post with more details on this:

There could be other problems in the report. Therefore, we suggest sharing complete details about the report setup to get a more precise answer. You can also send a report definition to, and we will check if there is some room for improvement.

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