How to create a Team of assignees

Hi there,

Since eazyBI version 6.1 and on eazyBI Cloud there is an option to create a custom hierarchy in the Assignee, Reporter, Logged by, project and Sprint dimensions. How this could be a solution for your use case? You can create a new hierarchy and group users by user teams in the Assignee dimension.

  1. Import team information as Assignee property. You can do this with additional data import from Google Sheets, XLS file, REST API or SQL SELECT to some database. The implementation of additional data remains the same regardless of the data source (REST API, SQL, or CSV).
    The source data should contain at least two columns:

    • Name of Assignee as you see it in eazyBI
    • Team name
    • some other user property if you like.
  2. The data mapping screen might look like in the picture below. Make sure to fill in Dimension and Level information so eazyBI could find users in the Assignee dimension and create a new property.

  3. After successful data import, you will have a new property for each Assignee user. From my example, it is “Assignee Squad”. Now you can use this property to group users by its value.

  4. Go to Assignee dimension, section All hierarchy level members, and chose option “Add custom hierarchy”. eazyBI will offer you available user properties by which you can build the new hierarchy.

Please see the documentation for more details on how to create a custom hierarchy: Custom hierarchies

Hope this new functionality will give you more freedom on organizing users and projects.

P.S. If you would like to get rockets and unicorns in your report as well, check out the Community post on how to use Markdown in measure formatting :wink:

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