Performance and requirements for Eazy Bi when importing data from external database

We are importing data form jira dataserver database directly.
Unfortunately when execution reports Eazy BI crashes with out of memory error.
What should be done in order to fix the issue?

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The problem is that there are no rules how to scale application requirements to cope with imported data size. . Please help us to calulate how much memory i s requred to produce reports.

Hi @Maras,

The main reason for the OutOfMemory error is complex reports in accounts with large issue amounts or without enough resources. eazyBI performance is impacted by several aspects that you can adjust gradually.

  1. Many out-of-memory errors in logs might indicate insufficient memory. Enable the child process and allocate enough resources to it (Child process). You might want to increase the heap memory to 2GB or more

  2. For improved performance, we recommend creating separate eazyBI accounts to reduce the number of issues per account (by selecting fewer Projects) and selected custom fields.
    Check out the training video on account management: Planning and maintaining eazyBI accounts.

  3. Enable usage statistics to monitor report usage and which reports would require optimization (most frequently are timing out): Usage statistics

  4. Complex and slow reports might impact the eazyBI app performance; you might want to refactor slow reports.
    Check out the training video on what to look for and improve when reports are slow: Help, My Reports
    Are Too Slow!
    And documentation with best practices for report creation: Best practices for report creation.

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