Permissions and roles for a Project

We are looking to create a report of Permissions and Roles for a Project. This has been requested by several Project Managers. We have done it externally using Jasper but would like to include it in the set of reports available to the Report Administrators through eazyBI.

Suggestions and guidance welcome and appreciated.

Hi @RichWolverton
Currently, eazyBI does not import project user roles and permissions. We have this feature on our backlog and I up voted it in your name. There are two possible workarounds:

  1. using Jira user groups instead
    If each project role also has a separate Jira user group, then you may import Logged By Groups, Assignee Groups, and Reporter Groups and use them instead of user dimensions:

  2. Import project roles from an additional data source (perhaps, SQL Select directly from Jira): import them as user property to Assignee, Logged by or Reporter dimension and then use this new property to create calculated members in the particular user dimension for each role.
    Read more about additional data import:

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support