Pie chart to view epics by a measure


I need some help concerning a pie chart. I have some epics across different projects which have some scores on Jira. For e.g, I have three epics with a score of 3.33 and two epics with a score of 2.60. I need to be able get a pie chart where I am getting the total number of epics that have score 3.33 and score 2.60.

I assume I need to create a calculated measure to get the total of epics with the respective score?

Another question I had is that will it be possible to get the lists of epics with score > 2.55 and the list of epics with a score <2.55 and be able to view this in a single pie chart? At the moment I have filtered it on my row and created several pie charts for each of the filter. Ideally I want a single pie chart and one segment I get all epics with score > 2.55 and other segment the score is <2.55

I am struggling with this. Really appreciate if you can help on this.


Hi @Narsh,

You have several options. One of the easiest ones is importing the custom field as a dimension. You can enable the custom field import as a dimension by updating the custom field import options or via the eazyBI advanced settings. Once you have done that, you can import the custom field as a dimension.

After that, you can drag the dimension in report rows and see the number of issues with each numeric value. See an example with the “Story points” field imported as a dimension below:

You can remove the “All” and “(none)” members and select the “Pie” chart view for the desired report.

For the other question, you can still use the custom field dimension. Try creating a new calculated member to aggregate the dimension members above and below specific values. See an example below for Story Point dimension members till five:

  [Story Points].[1.00],
  [Story Points].[2.00],
  [Story Points].[3.00],
  [Story Points].[4.00],
  [Story Points].[5.00]

Then you can define another one for the other half and select them in the report. Please see the screenshot below.

Please look at our documentation page for more information on defining calculated members - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com