PMO Project Hours logged are erroneously showing under Done status

Has anyone ran into this and found a fix? We’re wanting to break down hours by the Story status but 75% of all Solution Hierarchy hours show under Done. In the case of 0002:Baseline, they ALL show under Done. This is clearly bogus data, true hours in Done should be something like a fraction of a percent.

Both the Hours Logged and Logged Hours Measures do this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @spiff44

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When you apply the Status dimension to the report, the Hours logged will show the total number of hours logged for issues that are currently in the Done status.

If you wish to see how many hours were logged toward each historical status of the issue, please use the Transition Status dimension.

You can check out this demo report showing how the hours are grouped by the historical statuses of issues: Hours spent by status over time - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

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Thank you! That seems closer for sure but I’m getting weird data. After checking the example that you linked (Thanks for that!) that its using a Predefined Time Tracking set of Measures. We’re missing that from our available list of Measures. I’m using the Predefined Hours logged and Hours Spent Measures instead.

How can i get that Time Tracking list of Measures? (NVM… Googled it and found Available for eazyBI for Jira Cloud and starting with eazyBI version 6.6)

The weird data that I’m getting is that the Transition Status hours is only accurate on the All Transition Status total. For the separate Status its putting bogus info. I created a test Story to test the behaviors and i submitted time as follows:
new 1
backlog 3
in progress 4
to do 3.5
in review .5

The ALl Transition Status Total gives 12, which is right… but the separate Status all show 4 hours when only In Progress should have 4. Is this normal?

Thanks again in advance

EDIT- Found my own answer with some testing… seems to be related to the sync… it appears that all hours entered on a story will be under the status since the last sync. In other words, if i want my time to show accurate by status i have to- enter hours under status… if i want another status I would have to sync after changing the status before entering my time under that new status or it’ll show under the previous.

I’m also curious, what is the difference between the Predefined Hours Spent measure that we do have versus the Hours Spent Measure as it appears under the Time Tracking category of Measures?