Poll: Xray Dashboards v Agile Dashboards?

Hi eazyBI Community:

We would like to continue posting video tutorials to help our eazyBI community and wanted to ask all users whether you would like to see Xray Dashboards vs Agile Dashboards next.

Xray Dashboard sample:

Agile Dashboard Sample:

  • Xray Dashboards
  • Agile Dashboards

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Please vote and provide comments.

To check out our existing videos, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNpoN5CO_xVHjHLMaU4h02w

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The agile dashboard looks really interesting especially the Committed Coefficient and the Backlog grooming efficient charts. Would it be possible to share a tutorial or the underlying Javascript for the agile dashboards!. Thanks! @eli_solutions