Portfolio Roadmap items

Hi, I am creating a report showing Issue Portfolio Roadmap item and I get a string like this one:
Would it be possible to show the Name of the Roadmap item from Portfolio instead?

For issue “Portfolio Epic” and “Story” I get the Jira key, would it be possible to show them as a link to the actual Jira issue?

eazyBI builds new issue properties for each portfolio level. It seems the Issue Portfolio Roadmap item is one of the top levels in your Portfolio.

eazyBI Jira Portfolio import is built on top of default hierarchies Issue Epic hierarchy and Issue Sub-task hierarchy. Therefore Epic, Story, and Sub-task levels work differently than higher levels. Jira Portfolio has a custom field Parent Link describing those new level above epics.

The problem could be related to a data structure of Parent Link and Jira version and Portfolio version. Latest Jira and Portfolio versions retrieve Parent Link as issue key instead of a reference to issue with some unique identifier as you shared in your post. We do not have access to issue key/issue id we can use in building hierarchy as this is data represented by Jira. Therefore it works but with some limitations.

Could you check what Jira and Portfolio version you are using? Is there a way for you to upgrade it to the newer Jira/Portfolio version?

If you should work with current Jira/Portfolio version for a while you can use the workaround and build the hierarchy manually as described in our documentation.

Daina / support@eazybi.com