Possibility of an owner change of an account

Hi guys,
I have an easyBI account and the owner is no more available in my system. No, I get an error that the owner is inactive. Is it possible to change the owner of an account?

Hi @Christine ,
eazyBI admin (or Jira admin) needs to assign a new user to the account with Owner, User Admin, or Data Admin account user roles.
He/She should log in to eazyBI, open the Source tab, click Reset authorization , and run the import manually (see Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira).
After a successful import, imports will run as scheduled automatically with the new user credentials.

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Hi Gerda,
thanks for your quick support. I did this as you said. But in the tab “All accounts” the old user is the owner and not the user who clicked “rest authorization”. Will this not be changed?

Hi @Christine ,
you can select “Owner” from the dropdown list when you have added the user to eazyBI account:


This was the trick :slight_smile: Many thanks!

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