Possibility to create more than one description field & move the description field in the dashboard

Dear Team,

Currently we can only add one description field on top of the dashboard. It will help us to have a possibility to add another description field e.g. after 4 charts.

Purpose: Various usecases are there. one of the e.g.
we can in this case, in one dashboard have charts on a different topic. e.g.

  1. Section#1 - Issue History / Fix Version status
  2. Section#2 - Agile charts

Hi @Bhavini_Vazirani

We hear you on this one!

Usually, we suggest grouping reports in dashboards by themes. In your case, you may want to consider splitting this dashboard in two separate dashboards: one for version status and another for agile charts. Then you may add them separate comments and later publish them both in the Jira dashboard.

Also, you may use report comments option: report comments are also visible in dashboards.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com