Possibility to Disable some Dashboard actions

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to disable some dahboard actions like the modification of a common filter?


eazyBI does not have the option to set limitations in activities in eazyBI dashboards. If you publish a dashboard in Jira or Confluence, you can disable some actions, there, including Pages selections.

If you would like to set specific selections that are not changeable, please consider selecting only one specific selection in this dimension for Pages. Save a report with this particular selection. Use the dimension from this report to common pages. eazyBI will shoe only one specific selection for a dimension as a selection on pages with no option to make any changes there.

Currently, you can limit pages/update pages selections from a particular report. We are considering some changes when you can make changes to common pages selections in the dashboard directly. I will update the ticket when there will be any news there.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Thank you @daina.tupule for your reply.
It will be very great if the option to set limitations in activities in eazyBI dashboards can be considered in your next versions.
We work with more than 200 projects and without this option, to protect each project data, we are forced to duplicate the same graphe for as many as project: which is not efficient in term of our server performance and in term of maintenance of graphs (updates).
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