Possibility to use REST connector to get trending data

Using the REST API connector only gives you a current snapshot that is over-written every time it imports new data.

It would be great if you could store each import together with e.g. a time-stamp for the import.

I want to monitor the license outage for Bitbucket. I use the following REST end-point: /rest/api/1.0/admin/license
This gives me a JSON structure back with info about the number of licenses in use. As it is now I can only show the current usage. What I would like to be able to do is store the data once a day to visualize the license trend.

// Svante

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We are planning to add incremental import option for the REST API import and it could provide also an option to create daily snapshots. You could use custom JavaScript code to add a daily timestamp attribute which could be used as a source row identifier – if you will re-import the data on the same day, then data will be replaced, but on the next day a new record will be imported.

We will take this use case into account when creating incremental REST API option.


@raimonds.simanovskis Hello Raimonds, I’m quite new to EazyBI, we’ve just bought that and I’m trying to get used to it. When I try to import from Rest API, the data is replaced every time. We need to import it day by day, everytime the increment of data should be downloaded.

Considering above written, EazyBI is not able to do that, or is it? Was it already solved? And if not, what’s the expected timeline when it should be live?

Thanks for your answers, it is really crucial for us.

The support for REST API incremental import is available since eazyBI version 4.6.0

Daina / support@eazybi.com

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