Predefined Status.Category Done Measure

A predefined Status.Category Done measure would be a great addition as many Jira configurations do not have resolution configured/enabled on transition(s) to Status.Category Done statuses. I realize this can be manually accomplished in EszyBI source configuration, but addition of this measure would greatly simplify the effort.


We currently don’t consider such a feature. eazyBI users have several options to address such a requirement. The first is the option you suggested, defining the statuses as closed in the eazyBI import options - Issues closed measure.

Another option is to define a new calculated measure that forms a tuple of the Transition Status dimension “Category” hierarchy “Done” member with the measure “Transitions to issues count”. The formula could look similar to the one below:

([Measures].[Transitions to issues count],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done])

The third option is defining the statuses in the issue cycle settings - Issue cycles.

Roberts //