Present Sub-Tasks by the Parent Issue Resolution

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Someone has an idea, how could i present just the Sub-Task(s), using a condition to check the resolution of his parent issue ?


eazyBI supports Issue link field dimensions for some default fields, including Resolution since version 4.5.4.

You can define what field you would like to analyze by what hierarchy level. In this case, you want to analyze Resolution by Parent level issues.

Here is a definition example of this:

name = "Parent Resolution"
source_dimension = "Resolution"
issue_key_column = "subtask_parent_key"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

Add the linked field definition to eazyBI advanced settings or ask Jira administrator or eazyBI administrator to do this for you. eazyBI advanced settings are common for all accounts and only Jira/eazyBI administrators have access to the settings.

Select the link field dimension for import in Jira import options tab Additional options section Issue link field dimensions

In my example, I have three different link fields defined, one on parent level, and two on Feature level in my portfolio hierarchy.

You would like to use a new dimension Parent Resolution for the report after import. Default dimension Resolution and property Issue resolution will still show a resolution for each issue:

In my report example, parent issue DB-181 with resolution (unresolved) has three sub-tasks and one of them is resolved with resolution Done.

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First, Thanks for your reply Daina.

I’ve tryed your procedure, but i trying to develop something more specific.

Actually, i got Issue Type like store and them there is some resolutions as Accomplished, Lost and others. Into this Issue also i have a couple of sub-taks that has a value (Money).

I would sum these values from sub-taks and sum up by the resolution that are into the Issues(Parent).

----Column | Row-------- Accomplished [][][][][][][][] Lost
Sub-Task 1 ------------------ $ 100 |
Sub-Task 2 ---------------------------------------------------------- $ 50
Sub-Task 3 ---------------------$ 40

OR Can be like this, and a field that sum the values in Sub-Task, by the resolution, Presenting the issue.
----Column | Row-------- Accomplished [][][][][][][][] Lost
Story 1 ---------------------------- $ 100 |
Story 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- $ 50
Story 3 -----------------------------$ 40

Thansk so Much

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