'Primary Client' field causes reports to go blank

In Jira, we have a field called Primary Client. I believe this has been called a ‘free form’ field by our administrator.

In eazyBI, we have this Primary Client field as an nfeed dimension.

When a report does not have this Primary Client dimension as a Row, the report returns data.

But as soon as we add this Primary Client dimension to a report, the data disappears. (I have assured that at least one record on this report has a value for Primary Client in Jira.)

Can you tell me why, when we add the Primary Client dimension to any report, all of the data disappears, even when the missing records have values for Primary Client in Jira? The administrator has assured us that the data for Primary Client is being imported into eazyBI.

There could be various problems that could lead to problems in reports.

  1. The dimension was used in reports and some members with data where removed from it. eazyBI remembers any dimension setup per report, even the dimension is removed from the report. You would like to select All Primary Clients members in Select members selection of the dimension Primary Clients. Typically **All … ** member should work in any report, even if it is not imported without any data.

  2. If there are no data when you expand All Primary Clients, you would like to create a simple new report using only this dimension in report and measure Issues created on columns. Remove (do not use) any pages selections, any filters in report.

  3. Any dimension should contain all least one member even if no other names where no imported. Custom field dimension should have (none). If you have only one member with the name (none) it means eazyBI can’t import display values (check nfeed field configuration for this field in Jira).

If there is no any member, or when you expand the dimension reports keep failing, please reach support@eazybi.com with more information about your custom field, include information about your nfeed custom field setup from Jira, report definition and screenshot of the same report representing missing data. We would welcome report profiling information as well.

Daina / support@eazybi.com