Problem drilling through issues to see individual JIRAs

I’m having a problem seeing the actual JIRAs when comparing the open JIRAs from yesterday to today.

When I try to drill through the issues to see what JIRA has changed over the last day the tool flags an error. I suspect this is due to having to filter too many items and the tool times out. Is there a way I can re-order or re-calculate so that this does not happen?


A grateful EazyBI user


Such errors can happen depending on the combination of conditions, including the number of issues imported into the account, the complexity of custom measures used in the report, and the number of selections in the report page filters.

It is often possible to optimize the report so that drill-through operation can work. Please, reach the support providing the report definition for checking if there is a space for optimization.

Janis, eazyBI support