Problem to filter issues by inherited customfield (cascade field)

Hello everyone!
I have a table report with epic and subtask (children of epics). In each epic we have a value called “Q planificacion” (Cascade customfield) and to inherit this value to the subtask im using this configuration:

If i filter all my epics and subtask by All Q planificacion as imagen below its okey

But if i filter using Q planificacion by an specific value (in this example Q4-2023) the subtask dissapear.

Why does this happen?

Im using subtask as children of epic (bussiness request)

and my hierachy configuration is this:


Hi @Emiliano_Romero,

The syntax is slightly different in the import options than in the advanced settings. You should write the return and the assigned value without the equal sign mark like this:

if(issue.fields.customfield_11494 ) {
   return issue.fields.customfield_11494;

More details on javaScript calcauted custom fields are in the documentation: New calculated fields
And here is the training video on custom fields and import options: I Want My Custom Fields, and I Want Them Now!.

Zane /

Hello ! thanks for the reply.
I made the change and the behavior is the same, the value appears in the subtask but when filtering they disappear

@Emiliano_Romero, I didn’t notice earlier that yuo are modifying the existing custom field.
Yuo should add a new calculated custom field “Epic Q Planificacion”, not changing the existing custom field “Q planificacion”:

Clear the advanced settings for the “Q planificacion” custom field.

Here is the Community post on how to correctly detect which jpohX level represents each of the Advanced Roadmap hierarchy levels: Issue link field dimensions don't include parent issue - #2 by gerda.grantina.