Problem with Starting EazyBI after upgrade


after upgrading my Jira, when I try to enter eazybi page I keep getting these kind of error message :

Internal Server Error (500)
You’re seeing this error because you use JRuby::Rack::ErrorApp::ShowStatus .

I tried these way and still couldnt solve problem:

  1. Disable eazyBI
  2. Stop the Jira instance
  3. Delete JIRA_HOME/plugins/.bundled-plugins and JIRA_HOME/plugins/.osgi-plugins (just these two)
  4. Start Jira
  5. Enable eazyBI

also tried to uninstall and reinstall plugin but still no luck with it

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Hi @Parham

Please send us the eazyBI log files: Troubleshooting

You can send them via email to or upload them in our contact form eazyBI.

Sorry for the trouble this has caused you and looking forward to sorting this out!
​Best regards,

Greetings Nauris,

Thanks for your time. as your request I sent logs via your contact form.

Looking forward to hear from you guys soon.

Regards, Parham

Hi everyone who may have the same issue!

Unfortunately, eazyBI 6.6.0 is not yet compatible with Jira 9.8.0+ because of the removal of the Xalan library from Jira - Preparing for Jira 9.8 | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation.
eazyBI depends on this library, and that is the reason eazyBI fails to work with Jira 9.8.0+ versions.

We will include the missing library in our upcoming eazyBI for Jira 7.0.0 version.
Until then, if you want to use eazyBI for Jira in Jira versions 9.8.0+, please copy the Xalan library from a previous Jira installation directory JIRA_INSTALL/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib/xalan-2.7.2.jar into the respective Jira 9.8.0 directory.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!
Best regards,

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