Problems using sparkline in bar when there is a total line in the table


I have a first column in the table that actually returns “issues.created”.

From this column I created the second column that shows the percentage.

From the second column I created the third with the bar sparkline feature.

My first problem is that on the total line an error message is being shown instead of showing the 100% bar it is being shown.

Then I tried to create a new measure of the bar sparkline type with the same code/formula used in the automatic sparkline column (SparklineData([Measures].[Chamados %])) .

My second problem is to understand why my measurement doesn’t show anything.

If my first problem is solved, I don’t need a solution for the second one, because I don’t need the measure anymore.


Hi @kleberfonseca,

Not recognizing sparkline formatting for the total row is a known issue and will be fixed with the nearest eazyBI version. I am sorry for the trouble this is causing you!

Meanwhile, you can check a workaround here Hiding markdown in row totals - #2 by roberts.cacus.

I was not able to reproduce the second question. If you still have issues with that, please, export the report definition and send it to

Lauma /

eazyBI supports markdown formatting and sparkline formatting for a total row with version 6.4.

Daina /