Problems with "Issues resolved" measure

Hey everyone,

I am new to eazyBI so this might be trivial to many of you.

I am having some issues creating a report on flow velocity. In the report I want to visualise both ‘issues reolved’ and ;story points closed’ over time (sprint by sprint).

Everything seems to work properly on a couple of boards but there are some other boards for which these measures return empty data (i.e. the rows in the table are empty).

Somehow the data seems to be there, because for some other measure (like the running average on story points closed) I can properly visualise it. For the “Issues resolved” and “Story Points resolved” measures something is not working as expected.

The native Jira sprint reports contain such data so I wouldn’t know where to start to look for the issue.
Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



I reply to my own message. It seems I was able to fix the discrepancy by using the “Sprint issues completed” and “Sprint story points completed” instead of the “[…] closed” version.

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