Progress per percentage does not follow the chart

hi to all, i created a measure to show me the progress of the sprint per semana represented by the green line in the print, but i put it on percentage formatting, and it dosen’t follow the logic of the bar chart, how can I resolve this problem?

Chart divergence

Measure formatting

Measure code

[Measures].[ Progresso por inssue]  =

[Measures].[sprint issues not completed + issue completed]/[Measures].[Sprint issues completed]

Hi @Lucas_Silva_Dantas_A
It looks that you have added your measure “Sprint issues completed” on a separate axis. But you need to have “Sprint issues committed” and “Sprint issues completed” on Default axis. And for “Progresso per inssue” use a separate axis (1). In this way each axis would represent a different unit, one is for issues and the second is for percentage.

Also, a little suggestion regarding your measure, use CASE WHEN construction to avoid dividing by zero if “Sprint issues completed” is empty (the result then will return Infinity %)

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Sprint issues completed]>0
CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[sprint issues not completed + issue completed],0)
/[Measures].[Sprint issues completed]

Kind regards,
Gerda //