Projectal Statistics

Hi there,

can’t find any way to achieve this:

  1. show in a report a number of all newly created projects (right now showing only one’s with issues) . is there any field indicating “created” but in terems of a project.
  2. find all the boards opened (count) last week
  3. find out all people added to jira last week . maybe a way to acess the directory of users and creation date or to find out users that were attached to groups at the last week.

would be more than helpul if someone can help with those!

eazyBI by default supports data import based on Jira issues. We will import new projects, boards, users if they are related/used in issues. However, we do not import details when a particular project, board, or user was created or updated.

You would like to consider using a REST API data import for this. Here is a community post of how you can import activities in Jira configuration into eazyBI. The activities in projects, boards, and users should be imported with them.

Daina /