Public Access in Confluence for easzyBI reports

Hello. I have set up a space in Confluence, strictly for eazyBI reports. I set them up using the confluence macro, before I realized that public access wasn’t offered for that macro. When I try to embed the html with the token, the page just shows up blank… anyone have any suggestions. Is there a fast and simple way to mass add people to the user accounts of every account we create?


Hi @EricaBrady

Welcome to eazyBI community.

each eazyBI account has a separate set of users. You can add either individual Jira user or Jira user group to account and they will have access to all reports on the account.
Please read more about account management here:

If you want to use reports or eazyBI dashboards with public access and place them on confluence page or embed as iframes, make sure you press “Save” for public access token before you use the token in iframe.

And pleas read our documentation about publishing reports:

Note that we recommend using eazyBI for Confluence in case you want to publish eazyBI reports on Confluence spaces:

Martins / eazyBI support