Pull report data for single user

My question is this: I’ve got multiple reports that I have set up to import into a JIRA dashboard. I have the pages of Scrum Team, Assignee, & Sprint. I would like to be able to have someone view, in the JIRA dashboard, just a single Scrum Team or Assignee. Currently, all teams & assignees are listed, and the user must use the drop down menu to select each user. Can I send/set someone automatically to only display a user that the person requests. For example, could a set 5 cookies to pick 5 specific people to display on the dashboard, or something like that?

Hi Liam,

You could try creating calculated members in “Scrum team” dimension to group users in groups using aggregates. Perhaps you can create a separate eazyBI dashboard for each group and then publish them on separate Jira dashboards (with necessary Jira dashboard permissions).

For “Assignee” dimension, you could create a dynamic “current assignee” calculated member that would let the user see results only for himself/herself when they run the report.
Use this formula when creating calculated member in “Assignee” dimension:


Then enable and select the new calculated member for the report page filter

See a similar discussion here: eAzyBI & Current User In Dashboard

Martins /eazyBI

Hi Martins,
Thank you for the info. I do currently have different dashboards set up for different groups, and a lot of different reports. The current assignee is close to what I’m looking for. An example of what I want would be for me (Liam) to be able to pull a report that only shows the information for “Bob” and then to pull the information for “Sally” and so on, rather than use dropdowns to filter that. Is there a way for me to pull up a report or dashboard like that?


perhaps you can use the “common dashboard filters” OR create a separate dashboard for each user

Martins / eazyBI