Pulling Parent Issues into drop down

Using eazybI for jira server
How do I pull Issues into Pages
In the project i have parent and child subtasks of specific types (lets say PT and CST)
How do i create a [Isssue] dimension calculated measure so that the Pages drop down will only show child subtasks at the table

say PT-1 has CST-1 and CST-2 and PT-2 has CST-3 and CST-4

With PT1 selected

DropDown at PT1
Issue | Measure| Measure

CST-1 | Value|Value
CST-2 |Value|Value

Or drop down at PT 2
Issue | Measure| Measure

CST-3 | Value |Value
CST-4 | Value |Value

For this ask I can change the relationship or create other links , but essentially i need to build a report where linked parent and childs can be toggled via a dropdown

Choon Keat


You can use the “Subtask” hierarchy in your report for such report:

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks! Much appreciated