Pulling Transitions Authors into a single column

Hi All
Using EazyBI For Jira, is it possible and how do I pull the user/asignee who triggered a specific workflow transition into a single column of a report.

Things ive tried including using

  • Transitions for pages
  • Transition Authors as an addition to measures in columns
  • Measures like Transition from Status/ Transition to status last date

Looking to report on users in a single column, as part of a bigger report without having to do macros/


We recommend using dimension Transition Author as rows and select hierarchy level User to represent all users in one column (see picture below).

You may represent heading of the column “Transition Author” to make a report more readable.

If this is not what you expected, please show an example (or sketch) of the report you would like to build.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Hi Zane,

Thanks Sorry missed the reply until now
Actually was looking to pull users into a cell, was trying to define a measure that is having issues

Person Who Triggerd Transition A Person Who Triggerd Transition B
Issue 1 user1@example.com user4@example.com
Issue 2 user2@example.com user5@example.com
issue 3 user3@example.com user6@example.com

Choon Keat

Hi @ckseet,

Thanks for example; now it is clear to me what report you would like to build.

In this case, you may define a new calculated measure which will go through all transition authors who had moved an issue to selected transition status and get Email of each author (email is a user property). In the calculation, I would recommend using function Generate() as one issue may transition to the same status several times:

  [Measures].[Transitions to status] > 0
    --iterate through all transition authors who moved issue to selected transition status
      [Transition Author].[User].Members,
      [Measures].[Transitions to status] > 0),
    --for each transition author get user property Email
    CoalesceEmpty([Transition Author].CurrentMember.get('Email'),""),

In the report, set Issue dimension as rows, new calculated measure and Transition Status dimension as columns.

Note, this solution works for eazyBI for Jira Server where the property Email is available. But in eazyBI for Jira Cloud, a user email is not imported, and therefore solution won’t work as described.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Awesome thanks for all of your help @zane.baranovska!