QTEST- How to bring in Qtest related measures into eazybi?

We have Qtest as our test management tool integrated with Jira. As shown in the screenshot, you can see its a plug in and shows like a section in Jira stories. We would like to get this dimension of Qtest into eazybi. Is there a way we can do ? I see no blogs about Qtest and eazybi integration

Hi @subintraj

eazyBI does not have a dedicated integration for qTest. We have some ideas for this in our backlog. However, there are no clear plans for it yet. We added a community vote to the ticket.
We will post an update here if there are any updates!

Nauris / eazyBI support


@nauris.malitis, while we are waiting for this feature, do you think we can use REST API calls to get the information from QTEST?

Hi @eli_solutions

You should be able to import data with the help of REST APIs, but I don’t have any specific examples for qTest.
You can read more about eazyBI handling REST APIs: Import from REST API
Also, check out the qTest documentation page: How to use Interactive API Documentation

There is an excellent video lecture on data mapping by Roberts (in this case, from a SQL DB): 5. Building Reports from Different Data Sources - eazyBI

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